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How to winterize your plumbing and who to call when disaster strikes

Baby it’s cold outside! By now you should have winterized your hose bibs. If not, now is the time. Do this as the cold winds pick up and temperatures plummet outside. If you don’t, you may risk disaster striking in the form of a burst pipe and flood inside your home.

I met with Restoration 1 of Centreville owner, Georg Schwarz, to discuss how and why we should all winterize our home plumbing and what goes into curing a water loss. Unfortunately I had a pin-hole leak in a pipe in my basement back in May 2018 and Georg was on the spot with dryers, dehumidifiers, HEPA filters, and the tools to get the claim to my insurance company. All was covered and we are now fully restored.

Check out this video so you too can avoid a costly loss and, if disaster strikes, you’ll know who to call.

How to winterize your plumbing and who to call when disaster strikes

Home Maintenance

How to winterize your plumbing with Liberty Plumbing owner John Sfreddo

In the words coined by Game of Thrones, “winter is coming”. There are special precautions every home owner should take in order to get ready for the dropping temperatures. I had a minute to chat with John Sfreddo, owner of Liberty Plumbing in Chantilly, and discuss what needs to happen in your home.

  • Drain and shut off the outside hose spigots
  • Be sure your sump pumps are functioning properly
  • For vacant properties be sure to fully winterize your home: shut off all water from outside of home, drain water heater, blow out the line, RV antifreeze all traps…aka call a plumber and get it done!

You can hear what John has to say here or contact him at or 703-263-0155.

Home Maintenance

How to prepare your lawn for winter: Interview with Raul Berrios and RulyScapes

Fall marks the preparation for a great lawn the following spring. According to Raul Berrios, owner of RulyScapes, we have a few more precious days for aeration, seeding and top dressing. Raul and his general manager, Zach, joined me for an interview in the rain to discuss fall preparation and a wholistic approach to lawn creation and maintenance.

In western Centreville RulyScapes works with a developer to transform raw land into beautiful 5-acre green lots for residential homes. Take a look at this interview where Raul and Zach took an abandoned golf course and turned it into a lawn so soft you do not need to wear shoes! From bush hog, to to dressing, to seeding, weed control and leaf removal, RulyScapes makes unruly lawns ruly.

You can learn more about RulyScapes at